Mar 18, 2012

Early Spring

Feeling unprepared. This weird winter has made me uncertain about how much pruning to do and when. I started work in the garden near my building fearing that a major freeze would come at any moment and traumatize the already confused plants. I pruned the rosebushes, (which had so much new growth on them that it seems that there was no winter at all), cut back Miscanthus and Hakonechola grasses, pruned older stems from Hydrangea macrophylla and cut back Buddleia davidii (butterfly bush) to about ten inches.

There are about twenty varieties of narcissus in the garden and a few are displaying their starched collars, some ruffled petticoats and swirling wings. Crocus are also blooming. They are not loving the heat. Some are floppy or already wilting.

No blue of Scilla siberica yet but there is evidence of many tulips and alliums. I spied the red new growth of Dicentra spectabilis (bleeding heart) creeping up and the fuzzy buds on Magnolia stellata are bursting open. There is so much to do in this garden this year and so many changes to be made. Springing ahead but with unsure steps, a bit of trepidation and faith. Gotta have faith.
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